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Elish Sebastian Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Gelus Vir which means ice husband.

Born: 141 A.F - February

Immortal – First Generation

Occupation: Second-In-Command - Councilman

Hair colour: Long Blond

Eye colour: Purple

Height: 6'4.5


Elish is Silas's second-in-command and is seen by the family and the residents of Skyfall as King Silas's heir. Elish is well-known for being cold and cruel and a man who rarely, if ever, shows his emotions. He holds himself to a high standard and carries himself with dignity and grace. The rest of the family looks up to Elish and sees him as their rock, even King Silas. Elish is a mastermind and hyperintelligent; he's manipulative, crafty, conniving, and extremely patient.

Elish currently works as the top councilman in Skyfall and is also Silas's first born chimera, so he is king whenever Silas is resurrecting or unable to continue the role. For many years he was dean at the College of Skytech but after a series of events leading to the 'death' of Lycos Dekker he resigned and became the lead councilman of Skyfall. Elish misses teaching and would one day like to resume teaching at the college.

Elish is quiet by nature and dislikes noises and social gathering. Though he used to attend family gatherings, as the years have gone on he avoids them and make up excuses as to why he (and now Jade) cannot go. Elish's perfect evening is staying at home with his laptop, drinking tea, and enjoying the quiet - then perhaps spending the rest of the night tying up his cicaro, whipping him raw, and fucking him into oblivion. He is a chimera after all.

Even though he rarely does it anymore, Elish knows how to play guitar, piano, and violin. His closest brother is Garrett who is one of the only people he confides in, and he also doesn't mind spending time with Apollo and Artemis who share the most DNA with him.

Elish is married to his cicaro, Jade Dekker, a chimera that Elish has a deep attachment to. Though usually unwilling to admit it (but there are the odd times) he loves his little maritus and would move heaven and earth to keep him safe. But his love for Jade is forever being tested by the family and Jade's tendancy to get into trouble.

Elish lives with Jade in his skyscraper, Olympus, with his sengil Luca, and Reaver and Killian's cat Biff.

Special note: Elish's name is pronounced Ee-lish with a hard E.