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Drakonius Fennec Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Ventus which means favourite.
Family's nickname for him: Drakey.

Born: 171 A.F

Immortal – Third Generation

Occupation:  King Silas's cicaro

Hair colour: Curly Blond

Eye colour: Burnt Orange

Height: 6'0


Drakonius 'Drake' Dekker is not only King Silas's personal pet but he is the mascot of the family. Everyone loves Drake and dotes on him, and out of every chimera Drake is treated the best. However he does suffer the wrath of King Silas's moods when the king is in a bad state. For the most part though, Drake leads a happy life full of love, sex, devotion, and constant attention.

This attention however is because Drake is mentally stunted and though he can talk, think, and is intelligent, his mannerisms reflect that of a dog's. Drake loves to play fetch, is obsessed with balls (enter joke of your choosing here), chews everything, eats without knowing when to stop, scratches himself like a dog, sleeps like a dog, and is loyal like a dog too. Quil note: The reason for this happening will not be detailed due to it possibly playing a part, or at least being talked about, in future books.

Drake was raised within the family and even as a child he was treasured and loved. In all respects, Drake was born at an ideal time. For many years he was the only young chimera being raised so he got all of the attention. He also had not only the first generation to dote on him and guide him, but the second generation was grown enough to be mentors and big brothers as well. Even though Drake was 'spoiled' for lack of a better word, it was done so because he was well-behaved, obedient, and a joy to have around. Though he was still young and a little brat at times, Drake was a sweet boy and as he grew he only became sweeter. Drake had no rebellious teenage years and caused the family no problems at all, this played a huge part in Silas's decision to have him as his cicaro and, at the age of twenty-three, make him immortal as well.

Drake loves everyone and he loves you too. His favourite food is donuts but he'll eat anything you put in front of him except for olives, Drake hates olives. He loves to eat so much the sengils make him special biscuit cookies that are hard to chew but full of flavour. This is to keep Drake busy and also keep his chewing down to a minimum. Because of the fact that all of Skyfall loves Drake and will give him food whenever they see him wandering around Skyland, Drake wears a collar that distinctly tells people not to feed him. To feed Drake is a punishable offence and is one of the few laws that allow a resident to not obey a chimera. But Drake usually gets around this by stealing the food he is offered and running away quickly.

But though Drake is quite the loving character, he is still a chimera. Drake doesn't have a conscience that will tell him what is good or what is bad. He would never harm someone innocent on purpose, but if he's ordered to do so he will kill you and laugh while he does it. Drake enjoys seeing things die and he also loves watching guys get raped as well. He has a veracious sexual appetite and forcing himself on another guy is a favourite thing for him, and even better when Silas or one of his brothers is watching him do it. Drake will do whatever his master tells him to do, or any of his brothers in charge of him. He understands he's one of the lowest chimeras on the totem pole but he doesn't care. It's fun being the bottom.

Drake lives on the top floor of Alegria with King Silas and Sanguine. They all own four cats who move around the skyscraper at will. Their names are Griffin, Moakley, Bizzy Bee, and Zen.