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Cepherus thor Sasha Dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Taurus meaning bull.

Born: 156 AF - Beginning of January

Immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  Former Second-In-Command of the Legion, currently unemployed.

Hair colour: Short to Medium Auburn

Eye colour: Green

Height: 6'6


Ceph Dekker is the first real brute-type chimera. He was raised with the Dekker family and is, technically, one of the first chimeras of the second generation. The term 'second generation' is most often used to referred to the large batch of chimeras that came four years after Ceph, and the twins Artemis and Apollo were born, but to make it easier, especially as time went on and their differences in ages didn't matter, Ceph, Apollo, and Artemis are seen as second gen.

Ceph is a jovial and humorous chimera with a sadistic side he loves to explore. His day is made whenever he can make one of his brothers’ laugh, especially the more uptight ones. Ceph loves to eat and he loves to have sex, and when he can have both at the same time he's a happy man. Ceph is fearless and brave and would do anything for his family and his friends. He loves his family dearly and sees himself as guardian when it comes to his little brothers. 

Ceph's favourite movie is Ace Ventura and when he was a teenager he loved wearing Hawaiian shirts and made his auburn hair sport a cowlick. He's a bit crude at times and inappropriate but if it means making someone laugh; he doesn't mind the scathing looks. Ceph loves working in the greywastes with Nero and follows Nero around everywhere, eventually this led to Ceph falling in love with Nero, and to his joy that love was reciprocated. In 181 A.F Nero and Ceph got married, which was Silas's reward to Nero for never giving up on looking for Sanguine. Though tragically twenty years later, after finding out about a lie Nero had told him, Silas encased Ceph in concrete. This devastated Nero, especially because of the fact that Ceph is claustrophobic and had already suffered many days of claustrophobic torture at the hands of Silas - most often as punishment for something that Nero did, not Ceph.

Special note: Ceph's name is pronounced with a soft C, so like Seph.