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CALIGULA claudius dekker


Silas's nickname for him: Canus meaning grey or silver.
The family's nickname for him: Clig and also Little Boots or just Boots.

Born: 211 A.F

Mortal– Fifth Generation

Occupation:  Imperial Officer of the Legion.

Hair colour: Curly black, medium-short length.

Eye colour: Metallic silver.

Height: 6'3


Caligula is the son of Imperial General Kessler Dekker and his non-chimera husband Tiberius Dekker. He's a chimera and a part of the fifth generation of chimeras, so he's not biologically Kessler and Tiberius's son but a combination of Ares and Siris, Sidonius, Sanguine, and Silas. However, Caligula isn't a brute chimera, or intelligence, science, or stealth, but a new type of chimera that is yet to be named. He's technically the second chimera to be this new type, Reaver being the first. Chaser Dekker and a ten-year-old chimera still in the greywastes are both this type as well.

'Clig' is a chimera to be reckoned with. He's hard as nails and fiercely loyal to his family. Not just his chimera family, but he's extremely close to his fathers and is possessive of them as well. The best example of this possessive nature is his relationship with this little brother Timothy. See, Caligula was 'Kess and Tibbs' only child until he was five years old, until his parents brought home a little newborn chimera with black hair and eyes a mixture of browns and blacks. The instant Caligula saw Tim, it was disdain at first sight, and this feeling towards Tim never faded. Caligula hated sharing his fathers' affection and attention, for the first five years of his life he was their world and they were his - and Caligula didn't see why that had to change. What made matters worse, Tim was a stealth chimera and stealths are famously difficult to raise. Caligula had always been an obedient child. He took his status as the Imperial General's son quite seriously and did everything he could to make his parents proud. Caligula forgoed having a normal childhood (even though Kessler and Tiberius encouraged him to have one), and instead remained glued to Dad and Pop's hip. Eventually Kessler and Tiberius accepted this as just being a part of Caligula's nature and Caligula began shadowing his parents at the age of eight. This helped him to feel secure in his place, since Tim's arrival had rattled his cage, but the older Tim got, the more attention the boy demanded. He was disobedient, wild and destructive, Tim often stole and broke Caligula's things and since stealth's are rather intelligent, would manipulate his fathers right in front of Caligula. Because Kessler and Tiberius loved Tim and believed in him, they devoted a lot of time in trying to smooth over Tim's rough edges, and even started bringing the young boy along to shadow them as well. Caligula hated this. He didn't think it was fair that Tim got all the attention when he was the obedient, prodigal son, and started taking out his anger on anyone who crossed him. Caligula took his first life at ten years old, stomping a mouthy homeless greywaster to death one night, and this violence didn't stop as he got older. It got worse actually, Caligula has done many awful, unspeakable things, and once he hit puberty, like many chimeras, he began experimenting and enjoying sexual violence.

However, even though he has the chimera psychotic darkness, Caligula is a rather calm and collected man. He's also intelligent, skilled with guns, hand-to-hand combat and melee, and is also a couple years away at becoming a black belt. Caligula is also a talented boxer and he loves MMA. Skyfall has a MMA organization, mostly run by the Legion as not just a recreational activity but a unique way of getting in extra training for the legionaries. The legionaries love this and its popularity has grown in the last ten years. Caligula is reigning champion in his weight class and before the events of Chimera X, had been planning on asking Silas to create a MMA night like Stadium night for the citizens of Skyfall to enjoy once a week. This has been put on hold due to recent events.

And recent events have also worked in Caligula's benefit. Tim's death brought nothing but happiness to Caligula. And it's lucky that Kessler learned who was really behind Tim's death or else rumours may have been started that it had been a set up by him. Yes, it was no secret that Clig hated Tim, and after a huge blow out in Cardinalhall Kessler even struck Caligula in his grief. It was a small price to pay for being rid of the 'little shit' but because of complicated times, Caligula hasn't been able to enjoy the benefits of once again being an only child.

One thing that is unique about Kessler, Tiberius, and Caligula's relationship is that they actually live as fathers and son. As one already knows, even though the chimeras all refer to each other as 'brother' they overstep conventional rules and have sex with each other... a lot, and they even date and have married each other too. This small faction of the Dekker family however, does not break those rules. Kessler, Tiberius, and Caligula have never slept with each other and have no interest in doing so. Their bonds really are that of fathers and son. 

Caligula also has a boyfriend named Nico Zhou. The Zhou family is one of the Dekker family's oldest friends, and Kessler was quite delighted when their partnership was announced. Those two have been going out for two years and Nico is the only man on the planet that has seen the closed off, steeled Caligula with his guard down. Yes, there is another layer to Caligula, he's not just a stone cold military genius with no emotions. Caligula can be quite a sweetheart, and even has a sense of humour buried deep down inside of him. Nico has seen Caligula at his most vulnerable, and as their relationship grew and strengthened, has also seen his caring and sensitive side. Clig keeps it well hidden due to his upbringing and just his nature, but when those two are alone and the walls come down, Caligula is not just a sweetheart, but battles insecurity (mostly regarding his place within the family and his father's opinions of him. He dearly wants to make them proud), and a hidden love for anime.

Caligula spends most of his time in Cardinalhall, the main legion base, but also lives in a mansion in Skyland with his fathers when they're spending time there. The family owns two german shepherds named Dutch and Chief, a serval named Filo, an ocelot named Slater, and many stray cats which roam Cardinalhall. Caligula also lives with his fathers' two sengils Keegan and Aiden, and a cicaro named Tarren. Caligula has also talked to Silas about acquiring his own sengil and cicaro, but due to recent events that application is still pending.

Caligula's name is pronounced Cal-ig-you-la.