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artemis EADEN Sasha DEKKER


Silas's nickname for him: Geminus which means twin.

Born: 156 A.F - Beginning of April

Immortal – Second Generation

Occupation:  President of Culture and the Arts - Professor at the College of Skytech - Councilman - Consultant at Dek'ko.

Hair colour: Medium wavy silver

Eye colour: Purple - slight blue tint.

Height: 6'3


Artemis is the twin brother of Apollo Dekker and the first identical twin chimeras. He and his brother share a great deal of DNA with Elish Dekker and King Silas which is seen plainly since the twins look like a perfect combination of Elish and Silas's features.

Artemis is sophisticated and like his much admired brother Elish, he holds himself to a high standard. He loves culture and studying the history of the world and his favourite thing to do as a child was listening to King Silas's stories about life before the Fallocaust. Artemis is polite and well-behaved and he and his brother Apollo have been praised as being the two chimeras which have caused the family the least amount of trouble. Since they have been such successful chimeras, King Silas lets both Apollo and Artemis get away with a lot of things, including hoarding (or collecting as they call it) cicaros.

Artemis is currently a professor at the College of Skytech where he teaches culture and history. He can play five different musical instruments: guitar, piano, violin, flute, and chello and usually is the one to teach his younger brothers how to play too. He also has a wonderful singing voice and when he was a teenager he dreamed to be a pop star. Now he has dedicated his immortal life to adding culture back into the grey world and salvaging as many old world artifacts as he possibly can. Artemis hates going into the greywastes due to being a bit of a clean-freak, but if it means going to museums or similar places he will brave the dirt and dried blood. 

Artemis lives with Apollo in their skyscraper and are extremely close with each other. Artemis shares five cicaros with Apollo and two sengils named Lance and Todd. They also have six cats, a serval, and an American Eskimo dog.